Monday, November 17, 2008

Sad Story.......

Hello friends….I was watching the “Maalaala Mo Kaya Classics” from TFC. I couldn’t stop crying because the story was so sad; it’s about a happy and good family. Leony (a mother) wrote the story before she left Philippines going to Saudi Arabia. She has two teen age boys, and her husband work in Saudi Arabia. Taper (the older son) is in 4th year high school and excited to go to college while Chester (the youngest son) is in 2nd high school (loves playing basketball). Taper has ambitions to finish college but he has been attacking by migraine until he went to the hospital and found out he has brain cancer and he has 5-6 months to live. Because of his illness, Taper stop going to school. Leony still hid the secrets from his 2 boys aboout the illness but she told her husband about it. Since Leony didn’t tell them about the illness, she only focused all her attention on Taper and so Chester started to get jealous. Finally, after months without telling Chester about the illness, she finally told him. He felt terrible and sad so he started to give all his love to his brother. After 6 months, Taper died. After 3 months Taper past away, Chester started to have fever so Leony took him to the doctor and found out he has Acute Leukemia. He has days to live. After 3 days staying in a hospital, Chester also died. Because Leony hasn’t recover from pain when Taper past away, here’s another tragedy she encountered. Within 3 months, 2 sons she lost. Now, Leony and her husband settled in Saudi Arabia and left the bad memories in the Philippines.

Good day…..

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