Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our New Christmas Tree

Here’s our new Christmas tree. I already put my Christmas tree because we won’t be here on Christmas and New Year. I want to see the tree before we leave to go to England for our Holidays. I have to buy more colorful ornaments to put on my tree because it wasn’t much ornaments. As you can see, only tree has been decorated and I haven’t put any Christmas stuffs like garlands and wreaths. I will not put anything or decorate outside our house because some people in our area steal things although it’s on your front lawn and we won’t be here and no one will keep an eye on so I decided not to do it. Once I finish decorating the house, I will post it.

Have a good one….

1 comment:

Euroangel said...

ganda ng xmas tree natin ah...as in white talaga.....musta ka na dyan!!