Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Lester!

Here's the day for surprise party! We finished cooking at 4pm and started to put all the food in a warmer. Waiting for friends to come at 5pm but because the weather was a bit bad or terrible (snowing with rain and gust of winds), they started to come past 530pm. We were so worried that they might not come but with their effort and a good friends they showed late better than never. When almost everyone was here, my husband called Lester at their house to ask favor to help him to carry the elliptical exercise down the basement. My husband was waiting at the door for Lester to come. We were at the living room, the door and the lights were shut and when my husband opened the door, SURPRISE! Lester was really surprise to see all his friends were there and he was soooo happy….Everyone having drinks except Krystel and I, and two of his friends were ready to go home. They have no car that night because they know that they will be drinking so Krystel drop them off at their barracks. On the way back to our house, they (Krystel and Lester) had an accident. Because the weather was bad and the road was block ice, they slid and fell on the ditch. They were okay except Krystel was shaking and shocked. The car was a little bit damaged but every things okay! The visitors started to leave even though Lester and Krystel weren’t back yet. I don’t blame them leaving early. I’m worried for them to leave the house because of the weather, and I even offered them to stay but they want to go home. Lester loved the surprise except the accident.

This is the ice cream cake, chocolate vanilla flavor.

We were singing a Happy Birthday song for Lester. He was soooo happy!

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