Sunday, November 9, 2008

Birthday Party

Hi's your Sunday? We went to a birthday party for my husband's cousin's nephew in Wiesbaden. Lucas, the birthday boy, turned 2 years old. The party was held in my husband's cousin's house (Vangie). Vangie's house is small and because too many kids came, it was crowded and loud. Kids were running around the house and playing hides and seeks while the adults were talking. My husband and I were watching “Maalaala Mo Kaya” in TFC. But because they were so loud, we couldn’t understand the movie, we stop watching. We just start eating, they cooked Apritada (chicken with potato and carrots), and Menudo (pork with liver and peas and carrots) and they even cooked Ginataang halo-halo (sweet rice with coconut milk and sweet potato). For the kids, they have bratwurst, fries and cake. After they finished eating, Lucas started to open his gifts. He started to like all his gifts but when he finished opening all his gifts, he just left and starts to play with other kids. I’m guessing; he didn’t get the toy he likes. Lucas had a blast! And so do we….That’s how we spent our Sunday!

Have a wonderful Sunday….

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