Saturday, November 8, 2008

Family Time....

Good day's Saturday and nothing special going on today. We just went to the Aafes Px/Bx (military store) to buy my daughter's clothes. She is growing fast and so her clothes are getting smaller. We got lucky that we went to the Px store because they have sale going on (you'll get additional 50% off on all clearance sale), we saved double. I got some summer clothes and my husband has formal pants but for my daughter, no sale but we still bought her pants and some tights for winter. She is really growing fast because last 2 weeks ago, I bought her size 5 boots and she told me that the boots doesn’t fit on her anymore. Next time you know it, she will be wearing my own shoes and clothes. I’m still lucky and happy that she doesn’t look for the name brand like Gap, Nike, Guest and so on….The reason we don’t give or buy her with the name brand because first of all, she grows fast. Secondly, we save money for her college and third, they are too expensive. She is happy what she has anyway. After we finished shopping, we took her with her best friend to the Kids Zone (like Chuckie Cheeses) and spent 2 ½ hours there. While we are waiting for the pizzas, the kids were playing and my husband and I talked. We really had a great Saturday because we spent together as a family. Hope you do the same….

Have a nice weekend everyone….

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