Friday, February 20, 2009

Driver's License....

Hi...I would like to share these different funny logos or driver's license that I got from email through a friend. Some says funny, some are ok, some are not… tell me if you didn't laugh???

Monday, February 16, 2009

Good food!

We spent our Valentine’s Day in Berlin. We stayed in Holiday Inn hotel. They have 24/7 vehicle services, every 20 minutes. They will take you to the airport, train station or to your hotel. The room price is cheap but the room itself is roomy and very nice. They even have 24 hours playroom for kids under 6 years old for free. For your teen ager or adult, they have Internet CIBER (not free though). You don’t have to bring any shampoos, toothbrushes or some condiments because they have it all just ask the receptionist (not sure if it’s free). People there are friendly and nice and most of all, they speak English for our convenient. Since we got in our room late and haven’t eaten yet, the hotel we stayed in has their own restaurant. We have been in fancy and expensive restaurant here in Europe but this is the best so far for me. The price is reasonable and of course the food it worth it to pay. We have white wine (what a romantic!!) (Most expensive of all), I have fish (exquisite!) except the rice is not cook well, my husband had pasta with shrimp (he said it was good too.) and my daughter had typical German food, Schnitzel with fries (she said it was good, too). After we finish our dinner, we have to go back to our room since it’s late and I’m a bit drunk (with the wine I had! He he…). I suggest to all people who are station or vacationing here in Europe, go to Berlin before you leave and take the Holiday Inn Hotel in Schonefeld, Berlin. Everything is worth while….(for my experience)

shrimp and fish soup

pasta with shrimp

fish with rice and spinach