Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Saints Day

Hello everyone….today we celebrate the “All Saints Day” or Araw ng mga Patay”. I remember back in the Philippines when I was a kid, every November 1st, we go to the cemetery to visit our love ones who past away. We travelled from Manila to our province of Pangasinan, to visit my great grandmother’s and great grandfather’s tombs. We light the candles and put some flowers to their grave. We even prayed for their souls. After we were done praying, we (my brother & sister) went to the other grave and collected some melted candles. It was our hobby and we used the candles for regular use. I also remember when I was a kid, that if we don’t go or visit our love ones in cemetery, we just light the candles in front of our house and pray. Now, people do the same thing every November 1st. And it’s been over 17 years I haven’t visit my great grandparent’s graves. Besides my great grandparents, my father and brother are also past away and they buried in Caloocan (Manila). I’m maybe far from their grave but I’m always thinking of them and I’m pretty sure that my mother always visits my father and brother’s grave, especially now.

Have a Nice Weekend to ya’all….

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