Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Time....

Hi! How’s your weekend everyone….last Saturday, we went to the indoor ski in France at Lorraine. It was bad timing because when we got there, there was a championship tournament. We waited for 3 hours but we drove around and we found more recreation or activities going on besides the skiing. They have Zoo, Bowling, Swimming pool, Ice skating, Camping, Mini Golf, Fitness Gym, Spa or Saunas, and they even have IMAX 3D. We didn’t go to that place because we have few hours to spare and our plan is to ski. It was everyone’s first time except my husband. My husband know how to ski long, long time ago (1980’s) so when he start skiing, he feels like it was his first time again. My husband and I have the skis, my daughter, my cousin and his wife and also my friend’s families have snowboards. The price was reasonable, for 3 of us including the fee, equipments, and jackets and pants for 2 hours are 100 Euro only. Although I kept falling and having a hard time to get up, I still have a good time. Even though I didn’t get my money worth, at least I experience the feeling of adrenaline in skiing. We really have a great and wonderful time because we are planning to go back after we go for skiing lesson in Garmish at Edelweiss Resort. The bad part is, next morning; we all suffer from muscles pain. I had my arms sore for using the sticks; my daughter had back pain for falling; my husband had knee pain for hitting the wall; my cousin and his wife both have back pain for falling; my friend’s husband went to the ER in Landsthul because he snapped his knee caps and they put cast on. We don’t want to feel more pain so we went to play bowling. I was terrible playing bowling because my arms are useless, he he he….

Have A Nice Day to y’all….

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