Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busy, busy.....

Hello friends….I have been so busy for couple of weeks now because I have been cleaning my house. I am getting ready or preparing for a surprise birthday party for my cousin. It was his wife’s (Krystel) idea to give him surprise party. Krystel can’t do the surprise if he is at home all the time. She can’t decorate or even cook without him knowing it. My cousin will find out or figure it out, what she’s been up to. She told me everything and asks me for help. Because it’s a surprise party, we (my husband & I) decided to do it our house. We can prepare everything, cook or even decorate. She invited all their friends and I know some of it. I’m so excited to see his reaction and we will have video and digital camera for evidence or proof. Hopefully, I can get good and nice photos to share with you. I will start to cook tomorrow night and I will try to post it if I have time.

You have a nice day to y’all……..

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