Saturday, November 15, 2008

60th Birthday

Hello friends….what a Saturday we had! We over slept, we got up 12 noon because we are going to a (German) party that night. My husband’s co-worker celebrated his 60th birthday in a Gasthaus or Restaurant. Only friends and family were invited and it wasn’t too crowded because only 20 people were there. The party supposes to starts at 6pm but 2-3 more family hasn’t showed up so we waited for almost an hour. When everyone was there we waited at least an hour to take our orders but they already started to serve drinks. The meal was goooood (sorry no photo because I forgot my camera). They served 6 meals includes 3 appetizers or 3 course meals, 1 big meal, and a dessert. The 3 course meals were vegetable salad, salmon and curry soups. We waited another 25-30 minutes before they served the big meal. I had geese with knodeln (potato that made it round) and maronen (it tastes nuts but it wasn’t). I was sooo stuffed, I couldn’t finish my meal and when they asked for dessert, I said no more dessert. There are no more places for it in my stomach. And when everybody was done eating and they started to chat and I’m glad that some family speaks English so we won’t feel uncomfortable or out of place. My husband started to drink and forgot the time and so my daughter got bored and tired. I want to go home early but we finished eating around 10:30 pm and they just talking after that. We kept talking and talking and talking until I looked the time it was 12:30 am already. We ended up leaving the restaurant at 1am. That’s the first time I went to a party that stayed that late! I didn’t regret it because we had a good time just talking. If my daughter didn’t go with us, we might stay there until closing. I’m glad that my husband’s co-worker loved our gift for him. It was 3 liter of Crown Royal.

Have a wonderful weekend…..

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