Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Hi friends.....Every year, after we celebrate Thanksgiving, we wait for Black Friday or BIG sale. Since we are in Germany, we only go to the military store and they only have one store and that’s AAFES or PX/BX. A week before the Black Friday, they posts on flyers all the items are on sale. I’m so excited because I saw some items that I want and need for less price but I was disappointed when we got to the store because the line was very long, it was cold, and they let you in if some one leaves and most of all, the items I wanted to buy was gone!!!! I still bought computer bundle for my daughter even though the name brand was not my first choice or I can trust. The store was almost empty and what I hate the most was first come, first serve and not enough stocks! What I don’t get is, why they posts on flyers if they don’t have enough items? I bet after the sales, they will put more things on the shelves. Now I know that I didn’t get the stuffs I need this year, next year I will try to go to the store earlier or better yet, we are going to go to the other AAFES instead!

Have a Nice Weekend to y’all…..

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