Friday, November 21, 2008

Getting Ready for Surprise Party

Hi friends….I’m sooo excited to see how the party will be or goes tomorrow? It’s my first time to be involved or give a surprise party. It was my cousin’s wife’s (Krystel) idea and I’m just a helper. I started to cook the cassava cake this afternoon and Chicken Adobo. I marinated the beef and chicken wings for barbeque. I also cut all the vegetables and meat for Pansit (Noodles) and Spicy chicken so that tomorrow will be ready for cooking. Krystel brought the Macaroni salad and she starts to decorate the house. She bought party blowers and some balloons. We also made some devil’s egg because it’s her husband requested. We will have ice cream cake. I’m sooo exhausted but ready for the party tomorrow. I’ll post some photos tomorrow.

Good day….

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