Monday, October 6, 2008

Women then vs now???

Hi! Everyone…I would like to talk about the difference between women then versus now. My cousin (back in the Philippines) asked me something that made me think. She gave me an idea to put it on my blog and share it to all of you. It didn’t take me that long to think because they are both unlike in different ways. I would say that women before were conservative, shy and stay home mom or wife. Women made sure that when their husband and children get home, the house were clean, food were ready to serve and everything’s in proper place. Taking care of their family is their priority. They also wore in conservative looks and clothing. But women now are wild, aggressive, liberated. They also want to have career to make money not just for themselves but also to their family, too. Some women now are obsessed on material things. Some are love to have sex all the time just for their pleasure not for reproductive. Some are using sex as a weapon or a tool until they achieve their goal. I also noticed about women in this generations are nagging, hates doing their household chores, and they back talk to their parents and sass! No respect…they rather hang out with their friends in malls than helping their parents at home. For my own survey, I would say that women now are worst than before. Some of you might not agree for what I said but it's just my own opinion.

Have A Nice Day to y’all…..

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