Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Hobby...

Hi! Everyone…I’m so happy today because I learned new hobby. Knitting is frustrating at first but once you familiarize on all kinds of stuffs about knitting, then you’ll start to like it. My daughter has knitting kit but we both don’t know how to do it so I enrolled myself to a beginner knitting class. She made but I want to learn too. I attended on one of the class today at Arts and Crafts. The cost wasn’t that bad, $27 for 3 hours and the person will teach you one on one. First she taught us to get to know about the knitting stuffs like different kind of needles, what kind of yarn and many more. But she gave us the basic needs for knitting like yarn, needle and step by step instructions. The first step was hard for me because I’m not used to operate 2 needles at the same time. She started to teach us to make simple scarf... She showed us how make stitches, garter stitch (knit), stockinette (knit & purl), ribbing (2 knit, 2 purl) and casting off (closing). When I got home, I continued to do the scarf that I started at the class and the more I practice, I started to hang of it. My hands are a little bit sore but it will get used to it! Now, when my daughter saw me doing the knitting, she wants me to teach her and she is quick learner. She got it for 4 trials and started doing it by herself. When I finish the scarf, I will take a picture and show you my new project. Hopefully, next time I will learn how to make big blanket or sweater.

Have A Nice Day to y’all….

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