Friday, October 31, 2008


Hi!'s Friday and it's depressing because there is no sunshine and it's raining in our area. Not only it's raining, also freezing cold. When the weather is like this, raining and no sunshine? I feel sad, depress, and bored! I don't feel like going anywhere but we have to leave the house because my daughter is going to trick or treating tonight at the military post with her best friend. I could stay home and watch TV and do my chores (laundry) but I don’t want my daughter nagging me about going to trick or treating so we have to take her. We didn’t buy her costume because she only wears once plus she doesn’t like to wear any costume, anyway? So she decided to paint her face instead of wearing costume (don’t know what and who?). Wearing costume is not important for trick or treat as long as your kids are happy, satisfied and safe. I always says to my child, don’t go trick or treat by yourself, don’t take any candy that’s open, don’t go to people you don’t know and always bring flashlight or cyalume lightsticks (chemlight or snap lights). It’s nice to see your child is happy for bringing different kind of candies but I hate it because it causes cavities. Oh well, make sure you advice them to drink a lot of water and brush their teeth.

Happy trick or treating to y’all…….

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