Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Busy Day....

Hi! Everyone…hope your day is okay. I was so busy today doing all my chores. I went to picked up my mail, finally got my stuffs that I ordered online last 3 weeks ago. What’s more, I got some “pasalubong” a keepsake or presents from my aunt who just came from Philippines. She sent us some pastillas (made of coconut), yema (made of milk), cheese (made from Philippines) and sago (tapioca). Thank you Tita! After I got my boxes from mail, I went to the Aquatic pool to register my daughter and myself for swimming lessons. I was unlucky because it was full! The swimming lessons is reasonable price $45 for 8 sessions. I didn’t do the registration since we will miss the 2 sessions for the reason that we are going for vacation. So we will wait to the next class and hopefully we’ll get in. I also stopped by at the grocery store to buy milk and went home. And then, I made some chicken quesadillas for our dinner. Easy dinner!!!!

Have A Nice Day to y’all…….

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