Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nice weekend!!!

Hi! How’s everybody doing this weekend? Well, it was beautiful and nice day last Saturday. We went to Wiesbaden to visit one of my husband’s cousins. We took her to Mainz Kastel for her video repair. We went to visit one of the PX (military store) in Mainz since the store is next to the video repair. My husband found a laptop that he likes so we bought another one (sus!!! more debt!). The price was not that bad, plus the Star Card (military credit card) have promotions that when you buy more than $299.00 you will get 6 months no payment and no interests. So he decided to get the laptop for himself. After we shopped, my husband’s cousin took us to the Stadttmitte or they call it City in Wiesbaden. We walked and took some pictures for remembrance from Wiesbaden. They have lots of stores, restaurants, nice church and market platz (where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables). They even have a small flea market. Check out my other sites for our photos.

Have A Nice Day to y’all….

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Euroangel said...

uy mura naman masyado yang laptop way..mero pa...order ako...hehehe...