Saturday, October 18, 2008


Hello everybody….It’s Saturday! Are you surprise that I’m doing my blog on weekend? It’s because my husband is working and I’m done with my chores at home since yesterday. So I’m relaxing and maybe later, I will be going to one of the Giant Flea Market in our community. Anyway, someone left a message on my tag board. Asking what do I think about disaster? There are different kinds of disaster. One is disaster in financial like what’s happening in different country especially the 3 biggest continent like United Sates, Europe, and Asia. We got affected by that kind of disaster not just long ago. It was sad and upsetting but what else can we do? I have 1 solution to prevent for happening again to us. To sell all the stocks we have while there is still left but someone stopping me. 2nd disaster is calamities like Cyclone that happened in Myanmar, Hurricanes that always hit United States in Florida coast, Louisiana, and some part of Texas, and Earthquakes that many people died and buried in China, Typhoons that hit Philippines, Taiwan, and China, And most of all, Wildfires that always hit California whether it’s summer, spring or winter, always there’s a fires. The third disaster I think of is disaster in family. Broken family, fights between father and son or mother and daughter, husband and wife or wife and in-laws. Money and jealousy are the main reasons why family is fighting with. Sometimes for no reason!
I hope that I gave the answer to the question of DRR or at least give him/her some ideas about disaster.

Have A Nice Weekend to y’all…….

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