Friday, September 19, 2008

Watching TV

Hi! Everyone….I didn’t do much today except watching TV. My husband and I were watching the “Maalaala Mo Kaya” in translations “Do You Still Remember?” from TFC (The Filipino Channel) by Charo Santos. I would like to share to you the story. It’s a true story in the Philippines. The 10 year old girl wrote to Charo to shares her story. They are from province of Romblon but they went to the big city of Manila. Father past away and her mother doesn’t work because she is blind. She has brother who just graduated in High School. She doesn’t go to school only her brother because her mother can’t afford for both of them in school. The mother is supporting them by begging people for money with the helped of the girl. When her brother finished in high school, he has ambition to help his mother not to beg anymore money from people. He will find a job to support them. He finally finds a job in a factory that has small salary and no benefits. Every time he gets paid, he always buys a sweepstakes (or lotto) for his mother. Because that’s the only hobby she really likes. Her mother always says to them that “if there’s a life, there’s a hope”. She and her brother have planned to save money so that they can go back to their home town in Romblon. But because her brother’s salary is not enough, it will take a long time to get the money they needed. One day, her brother and his co-worker decided to build a Union so they could protest their need. Like benefits and higher salary but the manager of the company doesn’t want to give their demands so they started to boycott, rally or strikes. The guards of the company tried to stop them but the people won’t leave until one of the security guard pulled his gun and shots the girl’s brother, he died that day. It’s hard for them to accept that the person they’re depending on is dead. One morning, the girl took the newspaper and looked for the sweepstakes (lotto), the number was all matched. They won 2 million pesos and they went back to their home town of Romblon. They stayed there, open a small business and start a new life. What a sad but beautiful story. Hope you like it coz I did!

Have A Nice Day to y’all…

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