Friday, September 12, 2008

Blog hopping!!!

I was blog hopping all day today. I found lots of ideas, nice photos, wonderful layouts and many more. But before I did that, I was looking for tickets to Milan trips online. I was sooo excited to find a cheap tickets that only cost 2 Euros or equivalent to $3.03 round trip. For my excited, I even called my cousin and friend to tell them about the tickets, they agreed that the tickets were cheap! But when I’m about to pay the tickets, they asked a lot of questions that I didn’t expecting. After, I gave my credit card to pay for it, they charging me for extra handling fee. That’s another thing I didn’t expect!! I thought that when they say only 2 Euros, that’s it! Only 2 Euros! This is my first time to look and book for trips on internet. I thought it’s easy as 1 2 3… I was sooo disappointed, I ended up not to get it. So, I went to my friend’s web site and start blog hopping instead. That’s when I saw different ideas, nice photos and many more. I was reading one of the sites that have jokes, my day makes me brighter and I started to smile again. I enjoyed the blog hopping….

(HAND) “Have A Nice Day”….

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