Saturday, September 20, 2008

Health tips!!!

Hi Everyone...For those people who have been suffering from migraine headache here is some tip or solution. Migraine doesn’t have to be a pain! A little aerobic exercise and muscle relaxation lessens the pain on migraine headaches, according to Austrian researchers. In a study at Innsbrook Medical University, women migraine patients maintained their regular treatment but added a twice-weekly routine-consisting of 45 minutes of aerobic exercise. Think of aerobic activity as being long in duration yet low in intensity. Aerobic activities include: walking, biking, jogging, swimming, aerobic classes and cross-country skiing. Anaerobic activity is short in duration and high in intensity. Anaerobic activities include: racquetball, downhill skiing, weight lifting, sprinting, softball, soccer and football. And 15 minutes of muscle relaxation. The process of progressive muscle relaxation is simply that of isolating one muscle group, creating tension for 8 -10 seconds, and then letting the muscle relax and the tension go. For example: take your right hand, tighten it into a fist, and notice what happens. You can feel the muscle tension increase in your hand and up your forearm. The longer you hold it, the more tense it becomes. You become aware that it does not feel good. In fact, it begins to hurt. This is an example of exaggerated muscle tension. If such tension exists around the neck you get a neck ache, and if it is in the forehead you get a headache. Continue to hold the tension and now, all at once, relax and let go. Allow your hand to flop down into your lap and notice the difference. The muscles now begin to relax, and the muscle tension just flows away, melts, dissolves, and disappears. This process of relaxation is guaranteed to happen because it is based on a principle of muscle physiology. Whenever you create tension in a muscle and then release the tension the muscle has to relax. The muscle does not have a choice. It must happen. The interesting aspect of this process is that the muscle will not only quickly relax back to its pre-tensed state, but if it is allowed to rest, will become even more relaxed that it was. As this procedure of creating tension and then releasing it is applied to every major muscle group of the body, all of these muscles will become more relaxed than when you started. After six weeks, the exercisers reported a greater decrease in migraine pain, compared to those who took only their usual treatment. The exercisers also reported less depression. Hopefully, this little tip will help your suffering from migraine headaches…

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