Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm sooo Excited!!!

Hi! Everyone….I’m so excited since yesterday until now because we finally going to Stockholm, Sweden. I booked our tickets to go to Stockholm last night and the reason I’m sooo excited because we are going to Sweden with my cousin and his wife. We are going to take 3 days weekend vacation because it’s American holiday. Our tickets are cheap for only 175 Euro ($268.00) for 5 of us. My cousin found a cheap hotel for $138.00 a night. We are all going to share the expenses so it won’t be too much for our budget. I read some info about the Stockholm and there are a lot of things to do or see places. I’m sure we won’t be bored to stay there for 3 days/3 nights. I’ll keep you update how’s our trip goes….

And also, I’m happy because my husband bought a new camera for my daughter. I told him that they have to wait until I get the camera that I wanted so I will give my old camera to my daughter. But because the camera was on sale and we have coupon to use, he bought just it! The brand is not bad! And of course, my daughter was soo pleased because it’s her favorite color (blue). I was playing with it (camera) last night and reading the instruction, it has more features than my camera. I’m jealous now but I will get the camera that I really, really want someday. I’m not rushing to buy the camera because I’m waiting for the best and cheap one. I know in my heart, I will find that camera in the right time BUT reasonable price.

Have a Nice Day to y’all……

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