Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wall Street Crisis

I got worried yesterday when I was reading about the economy crisis in America. Here are some investors that affected badly:
Lehman Brothers Stockholders are hurting the most. The stock, which traded as high as $62 within the last year, is now down to pennies on news that it has filed for bankruptcy.
Behemoth insurer AIG reportedly intends to raise $40 billion, a move that could be highly dilutive to shareholders as that amount is greater than the company's market capitalization at the end of Friday. The end result for AIG and its stockholders is still highly uncertain, so it's unclear what the ultimate impact will be on funds that own it.
The Merrill Lynch takeover hasn't ended up looking so dire for investors in Merrill's stock. The proposed transaction, a $50 billion all-stock trade where each Merrill share will be exchanged for 0.8595 shares of Bank of America stock, looks like it will leave Merrill stockholders with a small premium. Bank of America's stock price closed at $33.74 on Friday and even though it had traded down into the $27 dollar range Monday, it still is worth more to Merrill shareholders than Merrill's $17.05 closing stock price on Friday.
This is the bad news for those who invest their money in big investor company...

This year, we are facing too many crisis and in the future, what else disaster we will experience? Only GOD will know!

Have A Nice Day...

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