Sunday, September 7, 2008

Swimming Pool

Earlier today, we went to the swimming pool at the Aquatic Center in Ramstein base, Germany. The Aquatic pool grand opening was just last Thursday, Sept.4. Today is our first day to visit the center. The pool has slides and from 4 feet to 13 feet deep. We stayed I 4 feet deep because my daughter (who’s 11 years old) and I don’t know how to swim (o oh!!! I’m embarrassing myself now???) After a couple of hours, my daughter surprised me!! I didn’t expect that she learned to swim in only 2 hours of practicing. I was still worried that she might drown but watching her??? She does now know how to swim!!! I even register her for swimming lessons but I guess she doesn’t need it anymore. I’m soooo proud of her. So, I guess, I’m the one who needs the swimming lessons…ha ha ha…

You “HAND” means you “Have A Nice Day”….

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