Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I hate cramps!!!

Today, I was not feeling well because I have my monthly thing since yesterday. I’m having cramps, headache and being lazy. Thank God! It’s not migraine just headache. Unlike my friend who is having trouble how to cure her migraine. I felt sorry for her because she always having migraine and medicine seems not helping. Since yesterday, I just laid down all day and I did not do anything just watch my favorite Teleserye LOBO (Philippine Soap Opera). While I was watching TV, I used the heating pad and put it on my stomach to help me for my cramps. I avoid taking any medicine so that my body will not get used to. Good thing that my husband is not home for couple of days for he’s out of town. I don’t have to clean the house or cook except for my daughter’s food. I even started to do laundry but because of my period, I got so lazy, I forgot all about it. Hopefully, tomorrow I will finish all my chores since my husband is back home tonight. And hopefully, I will feel better, too…

Have A Nice Day to you all….

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Euroangel said...

hope you feel better na....hehehe