Monday, December 1, 2008

Influenza or Flu

Hello fellow friends....I'm not feeling well since yesterday. I think I have flu because I feel all the symptoms of having flu. I forgot to get the flu shot so now I got the flu. I just need to get rest and drink a lot of fluids so I'll see you next time....

Here's some advise about the flu and what to do.....(from KIDSHEALTH)

Influenza is also called the flu. It's an infection that causes fever, chills, cough, body aches, headaches, and sometimes earaches or sinus problems. The flu is caused by the influenza virus A virus is a microorganism, which means it's so small that you can't see it without a strong microscope.
For most people, the flu is a drag, but it goes away in a week or two. But for some people, the flu can make them very sick. Those groups include:
babies and kids under age 5
people older than 50
adults and kids who have health problems, such as diabetes and asthma
Anyone who's at risk of getting really sick needs to get a flu shot, or vaccine. People such as doctors and nurses also need the shot because they take care of sick people, and it's good for anyone who is around older people and younger kids to get the vaccine.
And now, experts say that all kids between the ages of 6 months and 18 years should get the flu shot. This is especially important for kids who have:
heart or lung disorders, including asthma
chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, certain kinds of anemia, or immune system problems, including HIV/AIDS
Flu vaccines are usually given in the fall, before flu season starts. Flu season means the months of the year when a lot of people have the flu and it's easy to catch it. It starts in November and usually ends in April.
Getting the Flu Vaccine
If you get the flu vaccine, or shot, it will protect you from getting a bad case of the flu. You either won't get the flu at all or, if you do get it, you will have only mild symptoms and you should get better pretty quickly. Like other shots, a flu shot is given using a needle. There's also a nasal mist flu vaccine, which is a spray that's squirted up your nose.
Whichever one you get, you need to get a new vaccine every year. Why? Because the flu virus changes every year and the vaccine is specially created to fight the viruses that are going to be a problem that year.
How Does the Flu Spread?
This virus gets around in little drops that spray out of an infected person's mouth and nose when he or she sneezes, coughs, or even laughs. You can catch the flu from someone who has it if you breathe in some of those tiny flu-infected drops. You can also catch the flu if those drops get on your hands and you touch your mouth or nose. No wonder people are always saying to cover your mouth when you sneeze!
What If You Get the Flu?
But even if you get a flu shot, steer clear of sneezers, and you wash your hands regularly, you still might get the flu.
At the doctor's office, the doctor will ask you how you've been feeling and examine you. He or she might use a long cotton swab to get a sample of the gunk in your nose or throat. Testing this sample in a lab can determine, for sure, that you have the flu. But usually this isn't necessary. Based on your symptoms, your doctor can usually tell if you have the flu, especially during times when a lot of flu is going around your town.
Once your doctor says you have the flu, you can start taking these steps to feel better:
Rest in bed or on the couch.
Drink lots of liquids, like water, chicken broth, and other fluids.
Take the medicine your mom or dad gives you to ease your fever, aches, and pains.
Tell your mom or dad if you have trouble breathing, your muscles really hurt, or if you feel confused. These are signs you may need to see the doctor again.
Most of the time, you'll feel better in a week or two. Until then, you'll have to stay home from school and take it easy. We hope you're flu-free this year, but if you do get the flu, now you know what to do!

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elow way...musta na..may love sick ka pala...hope you're feeling better na...naku malamig pa naman sa england...jacket na kapal talaga gamitin nyo...enjoy your weekend!!