Friday, December 12, 2008

Done with my shopping

As you can see, my Christmas tree was different from the last I posted. I added more ornaments to make look more beautiful. You can also see more gifts and that means that I'm done with my shopping. Ialso send some packages to my family back in Texas and friend in New York. I'm getting ready for our vacation in England and it's getting closer, less than 2 weeks. We are finally spending our first holiday out of Germany (for over 5 years) with my sister in-law and niece. I'm excited to see them because it's been a long time we've seen each other back in States and also first time to go to UK. To see London or some part of England. Hopefully, it won't be our first and last. I hope that my sister in-law will invite us again even though it's not holiday and money will permit.

Have a great day to y'all......

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