Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Heath Tip

We all know that when the holiday’s come, we forget to watch or pay attention to what we eat and sometimes don’t care what we put in our mouth especially if foods are good!!!! Some people love to eat when they have their favorite wines. Some people are on denial that they don’t have any problem on alcohol. I have some reminders for those who like to drink, heavy smokers and high cholesterol. In middle Ages, they increase the likelihood you’ll get early Alzheimer’s. For those who habitually drank more that 2 drinks a day developed Alzheimer’s about 5 years earlier that others. For people who smoked at least a pack a day got Alzheimer’s more than 2 years earlier. And combining drinking and smoking led to an even earlier onset. “We found that the combination of heavy drinking and heavy smoking reduced the age of onset of Alzheimer’s disease by 6-7 years, making these 2 factors among the most important preventable risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease,” said study head Dr. Ranjan Duara of Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach. A second combined study from Finland and California found those with high cholesterol in their early 40s were nearly twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s later in life.
However, I have some good news how alcoholism will breakthrough. The widely available anti-seizure drug topiramate is incredibly effective for treating alcoholism, according to new study at the University of Virginia. “Topiramate offers alcoholic-dependent individuals a future of improved health and quality of life,” said Dr. Bankole Johnson, chairman of the University of Virginia’s Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Science. “It provides real hope that millions of alcoholics can beat their addiction.” The 371-patient study found that the drug not only cuts the risk of heavy drinking, but also reduces liver damage, lower blood pressure, cuts cholesterol levels and reduces obsessive thoughts about drinking. It also cuts the risk of cirrhosis and reduces sleep problems. “Some alcoholics receive anti-hypertensive medication,” pointed out Dr. Johnson. “Because topiramate can decrease blood pressure significantly, this allows one medication to be given instead of several.”forget

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