Friday, October 9, 2009

Women Saints part 5

Saint Dymphna
Dymphna was born in Ireland and grew up in a castle. Her father was a rich and powerful chieftain who didn't believe in our Lord. But her beautiful mother was a good Christian who loved God very much.
When Dymphna's mother died, her father was so lonely that he lost his senses. He sent messengers to find him a new wife as wonderful as Dymphna's mother had been. They searched far and wide. But the messengers found no woman who could take the place of Dymphna's mother.
Still out of his mind, Dymphna's father thought he would marry Dymphna. So she ran away from home with two of her friends and a priest, Saint Gerebran.
But Dymphna's father found her and ordered the priest's head to be cut off. The he tried to take Dymphna back to Ireland to marry him. She refused, so he cut off her head with his own sword.

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