Monday, October 5, 2009

Women Saints part 4

Saint Rita
Even when Rita was very young, she loved to say prayers. Her heart's desire was to dedicate her life to God and become a nun. But her parents insisted that she marry. Rita believed God wanted her to obey her parents.
Sadly, the husband they chose for her was violent and cruel. Rita was a good and kind wife, and loved her twin sons. But they grew up to be as evil as their father. Rita never stopped praying for her husband and sons.
Then one day, her husband was killed by some of his enemies. Her sosn wanted to kill jis murderers, but Rita ws against it. Revenge is wrong, she thought. She prayed for her sons to die rather than commit murder. Soon after that, God let them die.
Rita entered the convent of the Augustinian Nuns. She lived in prayer, penance and charity. She prayed to God to let her suffer like Jesus did. The a thorn from a crucifix struck her forehead and injured her. The wound never healed and she suffered from it for the rest of her life.

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