Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Women Saints part 11

Saint Barbara

Legend has it that there was once a virgin martyr named Barbara. She was the daughter of a pagan during the reign of Emperor Maximilian. Many men wanted to marry Barbara but she refused all of them. Her father made her live in a tower. There she spent her time saying prayers and studying.

One day when her father was away, she was secretly baptized. Then she had three windows built into her father's bathhouse, because it reminded her of the Trinity.

When her father found out, he tried to kill her, but God saved her. Then her father took her to a judge who had her punished. Her father was still angry. Sohe took her up a mountain and cut off her head while she was saying her prayers. On the waydown, he was himself stuck by lightning and died.

Saint Barbara is the Patron Saint for Protection from lightning and storms, a sure helper from heaven.

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AL said...

Liway, thank you for sharing us the story behind Saint Barbara. Now I know why my Grandmother mentioned the name of Sta. Barbara whenever a lightning strikes.

BTW where did you add me? I can't see you in my list but anyway I be glad to be your follower.