Friday, October 30, 2009

Women Saints part 13

Saint Rose

Rose was born in Lima, Peru. She was the first girl in America to be made a saint. Her real name was Isabel, but her mother called her Rose because of her lovely pink cheeks. Her family was very poor.

Rose always grew sad when people said she was pretty. Her beauty, she thought, might lead to sin. She only wanted her soul to be beautiful to God. So she cut her hair off and wore ugly, old clothes to hide her beauty.

Rose's parents wanted her to marry. But Rose wanted only to serve God by suffering and doing good works. She visited the poor and brought them food and clothing. She asked God to forgive sinners and to let her do penance for their sins. For many years, Rose's parents still tried to convince her to marry. So she finally decided to become a nun.

She lived in the little hut in the garden of her home. When her city was attacked, she prayed to God to save her city. When she died at thirty-one, all Peru was sad to lose her.

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