Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Women Saints part 2

Saint Theresa

Theresa was born in Normandy, France and was the youngest of five children. She was a happy child who loved Jesus. Two of her sisters had entered the Carmelite convent. When she was fifteen, more than anything else she wanted to join the Carmelites like her sisters. But, the bishop and the Carmelites told her she was too young.

A few months later, Theresa went with her father to Rome. She knelt before the Pope and boldly asked him to let her be a Carmelite nun. The Pope liked her at once, but he agreed with the bishop. At the end of the year, the bishop gave his permission and at the age of fifteen, she entered the convent.

Theresa spent her life saving souls, praying, helping priests, sacrificing and suffering. Loving and trusting in God, as a child, was her "little way". Her favorite saying was from Saint John of the Cross who said, "Love is repaid by love alone."

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