Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Typhoon "Ondoy" or "Katsana" in Thailand

These are the results or outcome by Typhoon "Ondoy" or in Thailand where the typhoon location at called "Katsana." After 2 days of devastated flood in Metro Manila and some part of provinces like Rizal, Batangas and Bulacan, you can see the photos where the refrigerator, trash can or even human body are found on top of the trees. Fishes that came from the Marikina River are on the roads and still alive swimming with full of mud. Cars are every where upside down and you can see the road full of trash. The latest casualty toll are 140 dead, 5 were hurt and 32 people still missing. People were confused and scared because weather caster found another storm will be hit the Island of Philippines by Thursday. It's heartbreaking to see and hear what's happening to the people who have been experiencing the Mother Nature’s calamity. Many of us can’t forget and yet we all accept it. Maybe God has purpose or reason why some people has to experience such tragedy. Maybe God reminding us that we forget Him sometimes. We can not ask His help now when we are desperate for help. We all need to talk to Him everyday not when we are in trouble. We need to open our eyes and hearts for people in desperate need. Please.....help one another!

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