Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tropical Storm "Ondoy"

These are the photos I took last night while I was watching Philippine News or TV Patrol. Just last two weeks ago, there was a storm hits Philippines and some people still recuperating what they’ve lost. They are some still in evacuation center and have not been return to their houses because either they have no money to rebuilt their house or still under flood. Yesterday when storm “Ondoy” hits Metro Manila and some provinces, another flood “Ondoy” left. As you can see at the photos women (young and old) and children were stranded or trapped in their roof waiting for help. Some people were been rescued but others are still waiting to be rescue. People who were been trapped in their roof, they have not eaten or have nothing to drink. Children were crying because they are hungry and women were scared and worried. Philippine government tried their best to rescue all the people but some rescue teams couldn’t go to the place where people needs their help due to overflow and excess flood or not enough equipment like rubber boats and helicopters. Men were helping the old people, women and children to remove from the flood into the dry and safe place. Not only houses and properties people lost, some are lives. Others died from landslide, fire and even wall that fell. People where the place not affected by flood, they starts to donate clothes, food and money. Doctors and nurses checked the young kids if they are ok. I will post tomorrow about the result or outcome by the storm.

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