Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Swine Flu After-Effects

Hello...I was so tired today because I cooked eggrolls and fried rice for my cousin in-law and her co-workers. Last Monday, I went to the Optometrist without any appointment just to see if I can order contact lense before we leave going in England because I ran out and it's too late to order on online. I remember my cousin in-law works at the Optometrist so I went to her work. She made time for me to see me and the doctor for check up before ordering any contact lense. Because they made an effort to see me without an appointment, I made some eggrolls and friedrice for them for their efforts. As I was checking on my emails, I found this! My cousin in-law sent it to me on my email. Seeing this photo, I forgot that I'm too tired doing all my chores. It's nice to see and get some funny things in your emails. Now I'm sharing it to you and hopefully you won't be look like him if you have swine flu, he he he...(I'm just kidding...)

Have a wonderful day as always....

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