Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miserable Saturday!!!

Hello family and friends and fellow bloggers....I don't know how am I going to start to tell you my weekend because until now I’m still upset and really pissed off for what happened to me last Saturday. It was American holiday (Memorial Day) and my husband and my daughter has 3 day weekend means Saturday thru Monday, they are off. I want to go to Passau but my husband is not in a mood to drive 6 hours. It was beautiful and sunny day last Saturday so I told my husband “let’s go to Luxembourg!” since he doesn’t want to drive 6 hours in Passau.
From our place (Ramstein) to Luxembourg city is 140 km and it took us an hour and 45 minutes to drive there with some detour, it supposed to be an hour and 10 minutes only. This is our first time to go and see Luxembourg. But before we went to Luxembourg, I searched on internet what to see and do in Luxembourg. I found some places that I want to go and most of all I really want to see an American cemetery. I haven’t seen any American cemetery for soldiers who died in wars even back in states or back home (Philippines.) so I said to myself this is wonderful! I will finally see the American cemetery that is close or nearby where we live. We were in Metz, France last February but we didn’t have a chance to see the largest American cemetery in Europe. When we got to the city of Luxembourg, I took a lot of photos; we walked a lot from up hill to the ground. The city was too small; you can see the whole city by walking without taking any bus or the hop on hop off bus (sightseeing bus). For my experience and for what I saw, I didn’t like the Luxembourg, Trier is better than Luxembourg. After we have seen almost everything in the city of Luxembourg for 3 hours, we decided to see the American cemetery. We don’t have the exact address, so we asked people there but no one knew. We have the navigon system but the GPS won’t tell us where exactly the cemetery is. We’ve been driving thru city to outskirt but we couldn’t find the sign of cemetery. My husband and I are getting frustrated so we decided to go home. On the way home, at the Autobahn or highway, we saw the sign of American cemetery so we took that road and finally saw the cemetery but it was closed. Another disappointment journey but there is a good news though, there is an American family who have been camping in that area and told us that we can see the cemetery except the main office or other facility like restroom is closed. We told the lady that we don’t mind if the office or restroom is close as long we can see the cemetery. She took us at the back road, the long way to see the cemetery. I was so happy to see it. We started to take photos, read some histories and looked some names on the grave. There are too many, there’s some Jews and no names on their grave. We also saw the famous General during WWII, General George Patton Jr. After 1 hour walking on the sites, we decided to leave before the sun down.
On the way home, I was having trouble with my camera so I started to browsing and I accidentally press something and it got deleted all the photos I took. I was calm at first because I thought I cloud retrieve some photos when I get home but I was wrong. I tried to download it in my computer but no images showed. I started to panicked and mentioned to my husband and told me to read the manual how to retrieve photos when you did something unfamiliar. So that’s what I did, I read the manual and found that if I did what I did, it will erase everything. I was screaming and cursing and crying. I was upset to myself and most of all, I was mad at my camera. I kept crying for an hour until my husband calm me down and told me that I can’t do anything anymore or nobody can! Another reason why I kept crying is because I don’t really want to go back in Luxembourg, nothing special and it’s boring!!! He also said that it’s only photos but I told him that I’m finally gone to Luxembourg with no proof. He said that I bought some post cards, shot glass and magnet for proofs, what else I’m looking for? It’s better to have photos to remember things. I know I have some memories in my head but my memories won’t last forever…He convinced me that he will take me there again on Monday since he is off and he did! We went back at Luxembourg, we drove to the American cemetery first and then we went to the city of Luxembourg. We spent more time in cemetery than the city. It was amazing experience and I’ve learned more on the cemetery than the city. There’s more history in cemetery than the city itself. I felt a bit better than last Saturday. I have more to tell about our trip last Monday from cemetery to the city but I have to stop right now. I will tell you more on my next blog.

Have a wonderful and sunny day to y’all……

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